May 11th Wine Tasting 5-7 PM

Your Weekly Wine Tasting Lineup and New Happenings


This Friday we will be tasting out three wines between 5-7 PM.  Stop by for the tasting and enjoy some music outside (or inside depending on the weather) played by Joyce Breeden and her guitar!  Here’s the lineup:

  • Cote Est- Catalan – Grenache, Chardonnay + Roussanne – France
  • Terrasses- Ventoux Red – Rhone Valley
  • Evodia- Altovinum -Spain

New Happenings!!!

We’re constantly changing things around here (for the better we think).

  • We’ve gotten a new beer cooler and we’ll be getting more beer to fill it.  Let us know what you would like for us to carry.
  • We got a piano a while back and would love to have it played!  Next time you’re in, play us a tune!
  • We have house wines now, they are 6 dollars per glass.  No need to open a whole bottle if you’re only looking for one or two glasses.  Ask Della or Jessica what we have available!
  • The Tryon Rhythm and Wine Fest was a blast!  If you tried something that you liked there, we have it in stock!  If you didn’t get to attend, you can always some up at the Tryon Bottle.
  • We host a beer tasting (10 three oz samples) every month.  Stay tuned for this month’s date and don’t miss out!

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